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Vanity Fair August 2013

Vanity Fair  October 2010

Vanity Fair   October 2008   April 2007

Vanity Fair December 2005

Vanity Fair October 2004

Vanity Fair   May 2003

Romancing the CEO

Vanity Fair   June 2002

Betting the Kingdom

Vanity Fair   March 2002

Bullets Over Elaine's

Vanity Fair   August 2001

Thunder at the New York Times

Vanity Fair   July 2001

The Heiress and the Hairdresser

Vanity Fair   March 2001

Vanity Fair   June 1999

The World According to Garth

Vanity Fair   January 1999

Vanity Fair  March 1997

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A Warrior for the Middle Class

MORE  Magazine  May 2014

Made in America

Reader's Digest  December 2010

Portfolio Magazine   February 2009

Portfolio Magazine  March 2008

Jodie Foster: Calling the Shots

Working Woman   September 1995   Cover Story

Reba's Revenge

Working Woman   August 1995   Cover Story

The Journey Home

Elle   December 1993

Making Elvis Pay

Working Woman   September 1993


Mirabella   February 1993

The First Cheeseball

Spy Magazine  November 1992

Would You Be Seen in Last Year's Nose?

Allure   June 1992

Mort's Revenge

Mirabella   June 1992

The First Woman President

Allure   November 1991

Other People's Money

Mirabella   December 1991

Why Doesn't Anyone Believe Me When I Say....

GQ   May 1991

The Board is Taking Center Stage

New York Times Magazine   December 2, 1990

Deconstructing the Mind of America's Most Powerful Businessman

Manhattan,inc   May 1990   Cover Story

It's Meyer Feldberg Time

Manhattan,inc   April 1990

Newspapers and the Ghosts of Fathers Past

Manhattan,inc   January 1990

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New York Magazine   July 7, 1997  Cover

New York Magazine   Dec. 9, 1996  Cover

New York Magazine   June 10, 1996

New York Magazine   March 11, 1996  Cover

New York Magazine   November 6, 1995

New York Magazine    June 12, 1995   Cover

New York Magazine   February 13, 1995  Cover

New York Magazine   May 9, 1994

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Terms of Engagement

New York Times   January 22, 1995

Morning, Moneypenny, Glad to See Me Again?

New York Times   June 26, 1994

The Ultimate Question: Can Sharon Stone Act?

New York Times   January 16, 1994

New York Times   May 23, 1993

She's Bare, He's Covered. Is there a Problem?

New York Times   November 1, 1992

Book Review: The Long Night of White Chickens

New York Observer   July 24, 1992

Trying to Put the Sizzle Into the Summer

New York Times   May 24, 1992

The Ephrons Take a Story, Add Sibling Rivalry

New York Times   February 16, 1992

Steven Spielberg, The Man Who Would be Walt Disney

New York Times   January 26, 1992

Antigua: Guatemala's Colonial Capital is a Reminder of the Glory that was Spanish America

Christian Science Monitor   April 10, 1990

The Textile Art of the Maya

Christian Science Monitor   February 6, 1990

Market Day in Chichicastenango

Christian Science Monitor   Nov. 22, 1989

The Los Angeles Times   June 28, 1988

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Blind Ambition

Institutional Investor   September 1994

The New York Fed Falls to Earth

Institutional Investor   March 1994

Won't Someone Please Pay Attention to Teddy Forstmann

Institutional Investor   February 1993   Cover Story

The Hollywood Deal Game

Institutional Investor  November 1991   Cover Story

Institutional Investor   September 1988

Institutional Investor   March 1988

Institutional Investor  May 1987  Cover Story

Institutional Investor   January 1986   Cover Story

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